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BE DELICIOUS explores Scandinavian food market

12 / 06 / 2018

On 24 and 25 April a BE DELICIOUS delegation ventured out to Sweden to explore the Scandinavian food market.

The occasion was the biannual hospitality and food service fair Gastro Nord, in Stockholm.
BE DELICIOUS set itself as target to promote our Belgian quality regional specialities abroad and to put the Belgian food industry SMEs in contact with possible sales channels.

Quality above all

Scandinavians are very quality-conscious consumers. Our Belgian products certainly deserve a place in this market, but gaining access is not evident. During this introductory mission it became clear that a lot of efforts will have to be made to achieve this goal.

The Flemish export organisation Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) was an important exhibitor at Gastro Nord, together with the presence of various Flemish food companies. The BE DELICIOUS delegation enjoyed great hospitality. The economic representatives of FIT in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland gave interesting presentations and dialogue about their respective markets. The Belgian ambassador in Sweden, Mr Hugo Bauwens, urged the BE DELICIOUS entrepreneurs to make even more promotion and prospection efforts. The aim is to warm the Scandinavian consumers for the quality Belgian food products. The ambassador invited BE DELICIOUS to combine local prospection with a promotional event at the Belgian embassy.

BE DELICIOUS Scandinavian Tour!

After the fair, the BE DELICIOUS delegation visited Belgobaren in Stockholm, a Belgian themed restaurant. Their biggest trump is clearly their offer of Belgian beer and the menu revolves around ‘mussels with fries’ in all conceivable recipe variations. Unfortunately a lot of the typically Belgian specialities were not on the menu. The delegation took action immediately and spoke to the owner of the restaurant, a Dane with an interest in the Belgian eating culture. It soon became clear that logistics are his biggest challenges. How do you organise a regular supply of products from Belgium at the level of a restaurant?

That same day a solution was found at Gastro Nord during a talk with a food service importer distributor. The part that BE DELICIOUS plays for multiple Belgian food companies was appealing to this importer. As cherry on the cake, BE DELICIOUS took up the challenge to organise a day at this importer, where the Belgian specialities will be presented. This suggestion was only the start and during the trip back to Belgium a plan was conceived to take it a step further and organise a tour around Scandinavia in order to warm more distributors for our Belgian food specialities. And with this a new challenge was born: ‘BE DELICIOUS Scandinavian Tour’!

This article appeared in Dolce No. 28 on p.111.

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