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BE DELICIOUS is a joint venture of Belgian food producers.


What do we stand for?

1. BE:  Belgium is famed for its culinary talents and great eating and drinking culture

2. Delicious: Top quality products that taste amazing

3. Food Artisans: Entrepreneurs with a passion for the actual produce, using pure ingredients and honouring the traditional way of cooking


BE DELICIOUS was the brainchild of the food entrepreneurs Herwig Dejonghe and Christof Malysse. They met each other through a mutual enthusiasm for shrimp croquette, a quintessential Belgian dish with that delicacy from the North Sea, the grey shrimp, as its main ingrediënt.

BE DELICIOUS is a group of Food Artisans who excel in a selection of tasty and refined dishes that are typically Belgian. These Belgian Food Artisans want to share their passion and pride for their regional cuisine with the rest of the world!

BE DELICIOUS offers you a logistical solution to getting tasty Belgian food to your plate, wherever you are in the world, taking account of the various import and food laws.