Brussels waffle – Dely Wafels

Brussels waffle

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– Frozen
– Prepared by Dely Wafels

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The Brussels waffle: typical tasty treat with a long tradition

Brussels waffle – Dely Wafels


The Brussels waffle has typical features including a light structure, a crunchy exterior and a smooth inside and a rectangular shape that is divided into large, deep squares.
The waffle has a long tradition in our region. For centuries they have been baked at fairgrounds and markets as a tasty treat. The concept of the “Brussels waffle” emerged in the 19th century. The Brussels waffle had its international breakthrough at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Dely Wafels has made Brussels waffles his main  specialty.  The family recipe was perfected by Davy Van Poucke and Ellen Tournois.  Together, supported by a dynamic team, they have expanded Dely Wafels.  This company is all about baking tasty and high-quality Brussels waffles.