Extra jams – Belberry Preserves

Extra jams


A slow production process in an open red copper kettle

Extra jams – Belberry Preserves


(16) BEDELICIOUS ROESELARE-1_1500pxThe original recipes of Belberry’s traditionally made fruit delicatessen have been crafted more than a century ago. Since then, they were preserved as precious treasures.
The secret of our products, brimful of taste? Fruits selected worldwide for their exceptional taste, not too much sugar, no colourings or food preservatives and a slow production process in an open red copper kettle… Not forgetting, above all, the loving hand of our “Maîtres Confituriers”.
The different flavours – from the most classic ones to the more dared combinations – will delight you every time.

Belberry’ s story began in Courtrai in 1956 when André Vandererfven acquired a small grocery store dating from the 19th century. At the same time, André started making fruit preserves for the local market.
When his son, Thierry, took over in 1990, he started expanding the home-made recipes and exporting the delicious jams through Europe.