Ganda Ham – Ganda

Ganda Ham

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Only three ingredients: Belgian pork meat, sea salt and time

Ganda Ham – Ganda


(6) BEDELICIOUS ROESELARE-27_1500pxDry cured hams have their origin before our era. The idea was discovered in Flanders from Roman warlords, who found an advantage in feeding their troops with cured meat instead of travelling with live animals, and imported in Italy. Corma Meat Products plc the producer of Ganda Ham was founded in 1954 by Roger Cornelis, father of our present owner Dirk. It was Roger’s idea to start curing hams according to a centuries old tradition. Ganda Ham is produced in a natural way in accordance with the rhythm of the seasons and with only three ingredients: Belgian pork meat, sea salt and time.

In 1991 Dirk took over the reins of his father. Under his direction Ganda Ham is still produced with respect for the ancient tradition, and still with only three ingredients. In the meantime he developed several variations on the Ganda Ham, such as dry cured Angus beef , dry cured Wagyu beef, wild boar ham and Mangalica ham. The Ganda delicacies are recognized and approved by consumers in Belgium and abroad as being of excellent quality.