Bisque with grey North Sea shrimps “Délices Malysse” – Lobster Fish

Grey shrimp bisque "Délices Malysse"

Product information:

– Different volumes : 900 ml / 2,5 l / 5 l
– Frozen
– Prepared by Lobster Fish

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Traditional soups with a taste of the sea

Bisque with grey North Sea shrimps “Délices Malysse” – Lobster Fish



The grey North-sea shrimp with its distinctive and sophisticated taste that is also known as the “Caviar of the North Sea” finds its way into many dishes in Belgian cuisine. Such as the shrimp bisque.

The grey shrimp bisque by BE DELICIOUS is a product made by the company Lobster Fish. Christof Malysse has turned Lobster Fish into the Belgian specialist in shellfish and seafood. The company has access to the best ingredients.
Moreover, business owner Christof Malysse has roots in the gastronomy kitchen. He grew up in the famous hotel-restaurant De Marquette in Kortrijk, ran by his parents. Before starting Lobster Fish, Christof also worked in the food and drinks industry.
Under the name “Délices Malysse” he used his knowledge of the business to develop a range of traditional soups with a taste of the sea, including the grey shrimp bisque.

Lobster Fish also offers peeled and unpeeled grey North Sea shrimps.