Traditional grey shrimp croquette with grey North Sea shrimps – Antarctic Foodies

Traditional grey shrimp croquette

Product information:

“The genuine shrimp croquette from Oostduinkerke”

– Different sizes: 35 g / 65 g
– Frozen
– Selected by Antarctic Foodies

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Discover the story of the Grey Gold

Traditional grey shrimp croquette with grey North Sea shrimps – Antarctic Foodies



The grey shrimp with its characteristic and refined taste is a true delicacy from the North Sea, which more than rightfully has been granted the honorary title of “Caviar of the North Sea” or “Grey Gold”.

The roots of the grey shrimp croquette are hard to trace back. The oldest known recipe is mentioned in “Het Spaarzame Keukenboek”, a popular cooking book from 1864 written by the reputed chef Cauderlier from Ghent.
The shrimp croquette, with the North Sea shrimp as its main ingredient, now is an established typical dish in the Belgian eating culture. None other than the great chansonnier Jacques Brel was an avid fan.

The genuine shrimp croquette from Oostduinkerke

In the Flemish coastal town of Oostduinkerke, shrimp catching by horse has been a tradition for generations. Recently, it was even added by Unesco to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, a unique recognition.

Oostduinkerke is also the town where the tradition of the shrimp croquette of Antarctic Foodies originated. A good shrimp croquette requires true craftsmanship. The shrimp croquette of Antarctic Foodies, “the genuine shrimp croquette from Oostduinkerke”, stands out because of its creamy filling that is almost runny and that is made from fresh shrimp stock. The croquette contains 40% of tasty shrimps and is surrounded by a light, crisp crust.

Great fusion of shrimp croquette and Belgian beer

Food matching is a trend winning terrain all over the world: the perfect combination of food and drinks. Belgium has a tradition of serving a nibble with drinks, such as with coffee, beer or pre-dinner drinks. The shrimp croquette is a great accompaniment to a glass of white wine, but for several reasons also goes great with a blond Belgian beer!